Brand : Techwood

Techwood 1800 Watts Countertop Burner, Infrared Ceramic Double Cooktop (900W & 900W), Portable Electric Hot Plate, Stainless Steel, ES-3201C

Our portable Electric Infrared Ceramic hot plate allows you to cook anywhere with a 120V electricity supply, such as dorms, offices, campsites, boats, RV/caravans, holiday homes, or in the busy kitchen.

– Scratch Resistant double infrared ceramic burner 120V, 900 &900 watt of power.

– Modern stainless steel housing ensuring safe food preparation, durable use and easy to clean. We recommend clean the machine with a damp, soft cloth or sponge.

– Work without any cookware restrictions. Pots and pans ranging to “+” including stainless steel, glass and aluminum are suitable for this burner.

– Infrared heating efficient and harmless. It heats up food quickly and evenly with minimal heat loss and saving energy.

– Thermostatic knobs with indicator light allow you control the separate temperature of the burner.

– Overheat protection system automatically shut off the machine. It adds more convenience for cooking by cycling on/off to maintain appropriate temperature.

– Thermal fuse prevents the machine from overheating. It is normal that it will take more than 15 minutes to let the machine cooled down after it turns off.

– Non-slip rubber feet provide stable cooking protect table surface from the heat.

Please note- Never use harsh abrasive or steel wool pads to clean the machine and immerse any part of the burner in water. It is normal that in the first time of use the machine will give off a smell of smoke for the protective coating on the heating element.


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