Price : $110.78
Brand : CASILE

Sparkling Water Maker PET+ABS Convenient Soda Maker Easy to Install and use Suitable for a Variety of Occasions,8.5 38cm

Just choose the number of bubbles you want and add fun to your hairstyle with a better taste. Your taste buds will not only make you feel the foam, but also help reduce disposable plastic bottles. All you need is a carbon dioxide tank and water to get sparkling!

【size】8.5 * 38cm


【This package includes】soda manufacturer* 1

Turn pure water into soda in seconds. With a compact wireless design, you can enjoy fresh soda at the touch of a button! The machine is beautifully designed for any home or office, with a slim, space-saving design that runs without power, so you can use it anytime, anywhere. Carbonation can be quickly and easily carried out using BPA-free carbonated bottles.


1.It is not recommended to fuel the juice

2.Do not add water beyond the maximum water line

There is no problem in short-term use, but the sugar in the juice is easy to adhere to the vent hole for a long time, and the juice contains impurities, which easily block the vent hole. After the vent is blocked, it is easy to blow up the machine.


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