Price : $115.00
Brand : Palmer Pneumatics

Palmer Pneumatics Refill Kit for Soda Maker Carbonator Bottles and Paintball CO2 Bottles

Works with : AArke Premium Carbonator / Sparkling Water Maker – Kitchen Aid KSS1121CU Sparkling Beverage Maker – Primo Flavorstation Home beverage maker – Sodastream models, Jet, Splash Play, Dynamo, Fizz, Fountain, Genesis, Source, Pure, Power, Aqua Fizz, Crystal, Penguin

A complete kit to refill both Soda Maker and Paintball Co2 bottles.


Deluxe Paintball Refill Station with rubber coated stainless mesh line
Carbonator Refill Adapter

Why pay for a Co2 exchange? Join many other happy customers that are saving hundreds of dollars every year by refilling their own Soda Maker Co2 replacement cartridges. Some are even turning a profit by offering a refill service in your/their local area. We manufacture the parts in house to insure the highest quality parts. This all guarantees that our staff is quite knowledgeable about the kit and can provide the required support if needed. This soda co2 refill kit can pay for itself in under a year!

Food or Beverage Grade CO2? You will find that most suppliers of CO2 just give beverage grade to everyone. Welders, Paintball Shops and Your local quickie mart all get their CO2 from the same place. It’s just easier to give everyone top quality gas. We can’t vouch for your local supplier, but in the Sacramento area, we are all supplied beverage grade CO2 no matter what you use it for. Lot number stickers are usually on non dip tube tanks, They wont put them on the dip tube tanks since they think you are using it for industrial use. Just ask your supplier if they have beverage grade and the lot number.

The difference between the grades of CO2 is mostly what type of testing it goes through. Ranked in order

  • Beverage (Most testing, cleanest)
  • Medical (self explanatory)
  • Food (normally not for human consumption)
  • Industrial (very little testing, mu
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