Price : $34.99
Brand : La Reveuse

La Reveuse Frozen Dessert Maker, Great for Making Healthy Soft Serve Sherbet, Sorbet, Fruit Ice Cream, Frozen Yogurt for Kids, White

-Voltage:120V 60Hz
-Power rating: 150 watts, DC motor
-Motor speed:65 RPM
-Size: 8.01 x 7.07 x 16.88 inches
-Material: Tritan material, BPA-free
– Standard usage time: Less than 10 minutes continuously.

1.Please read all instruction and safety warnings before operating the slow juicer.
2.Do not use the product continuously over 10 minutes. To continue using, please cool down the motor completely (about 20 minutes). This method will be helpful to extend product lifespan.
3.This product is not suitable for too hard, high fiber foods, such as frozen fruit, sugar cane. Pressing these ingredients will be easily got stuck, blocking residue, resulting in damaged parts, thus affecting the life of the product.
4.Pits, large seeds and hard rind must be removed before juicing.
5.Do not force the fruits during juicing to prevent damage to the Auger and Strainer.
Never run the product without food or before adding the food into the feeder.
To ensure the product can work properly, make sure the lid to the container are fully tightened.
This is not a toy or weapon. Keep out of reach of children.

What is in the box?
A:1 x La Reveuse slow juicer B:1 x Cleaning brush C:1 x User guide.


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