Price : $23.99
Brand : EOSAGA

EOSAGA Sweet Spot Instant Ice creamer Maker -Frozen Treats in Minutes  Fried Ice Machine for Yogurt, Sorbet, Gelato, Family Fun (Blue)

❤Do you want enjoy delicious ice cream in hot summer?and needn’t go out?
There is! Ice Cream Maker! For anyone who loves frozen treats!
Easy to use ice cream and frozen treat maker with simple clean up.You can still enjoy your favorite frozen treat without pay for expensive ice cream. 

❤How to Use the Ice Cream Maker?
1.Take the ice machine, clean it with a mild cleaning solution and water, and dry it with a dry cloth , keep the fry pan dry.
2. Put the fried ice machine on a fresh-keeping bag and put it in the refrigerator for 8-12 hours. Note: Please keep freezing the pan upside down.
3 .Take out the fried ice tray and place it on the table smoothly. Pour the prepared juice and other liquid into the fry pan.
4. Wait patiently for 1 minute, the mixture begins to freeze until it is in the shape of an ice cream, you can directly stir fry with a shovel.
5. After stir-frying solidifies into ice-sand or lump, it can be served as food.


Product Name: Fried Ice Machine
Shell material: Alloy aluminum plate
Fried board material: Food grade aluminum
Product size: about 30*30*6.5 cm /11.8*11.8*2.6 in
Product color: Pink, Blue
Capacity:200 ml/6.76 oz

Working principle: Scientific circulation and cooling technology


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