Price : $14.99

Defrosting Tray with Two Meat Claws | Rapid Thawing Plate (LARGEST SIZE – 14 inches) Meat Claws & Defrost Tray for BBQ, Kitchen Tools, Frozen Foods

3 piece set meat claws and large safe or safest, quick, or quickest, no ice needed, defrost magical magic tray. Shred your smoker fresh meat with ease with 2 bear like claws. Awesome gadgets for kitchen, apartment essentials, dorm room, college, gameday, etc… Great gift set for Christmas, Thanksgiving, Mothers day, Fathers day, Thaws Frozen Food Faster No Electricity, No Chemicals, No Microwave, Anniversary, house warming, Farmhouse, decor,etc… Include this brand new set with your cooking supplies and accessories!!!


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