Brand : Cuisinairre

Cuisinairre Hot Shot 9 Roller Hot Shot Commercial Grade 9-Roller 24 Hot Dog Grill Maker Machine, 1800-watt

The ‘Cuisinairre Hot Shot’ Nine (9) Roller commercial grade hot dog maker features easily removable curved tempered glass (not plastic) cover for sanitary cooking. Stainless steel commercial construction throughout with easily removable stainless drip pan for easy clean up. Heavy duty stainless steel heating rollers thoroughly heat and cook up to 24 hot dogs, sausage or bratwurst. After unit cools, wipe clean with edible grade cooking oil on soft cloth or paper towel. Twin precision thermostats automatically maintain constant temperature. ‘Set It-and forget It’ dual temperature controls for separate front and rear heat settings. Front control sets temperature on front 4 rollers. Back control sets temperature on back 5 rollers. You can slowly cook 12 hot dogs on back rollers while keeping another 12 warm and ready for serving on front rollers. Red lighted safety On-Off rocker power switch glows red when power is on to indicate rollers are hot. Green lights Indicate when rollers are heating. Heavy duty commercial chain drive with sprockets on each roller and on drive motor (similar to bicycle chain and sprockets) assures long life and quiet operation. Cheaper non-commercial models use belt drive or friction drive which does not last long In hostile environment of heat and grease. Blue safety ground wire shown In picture. Detachable 6′ grounded power cord. Also includes spare fuse.


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