Find a great selection of different kind of blenders, like hand blenders, countertop blenders of personal size blenders. They are handy to prepare meals, beverages and snacks at home. Whether you make a small amount for yourself or for family and friends you can find any type of blender you need.

Do you want to wake up with the smell of fresh bread? This is possible with one of the great selection of bread machines. A must for everyone who loves fresh home-made bread. You don’t need to be an expert, simply add the ingredients and let the breadmaker do the rest.

Kids really like the Cake Pop & Mini Cake Makers. It is perfect for birthday parties, but also for other special occasions. There is a variety of different models and types. You can make cupcakes, cake pops, muffins and donuts. After baking the cakes, you and your kids can enjoy decorating them. Use for instance sprinkles, glitter, candies, chocolate, fondant and more. Just enjoy and have fun.

How do you like your tea or coffee in the morning? Choose your ideal machine.
Here you find different types of coffee, tea & espresso machines. You can create your own coffee, like espresso, cappuccino, mocha. Just for one cup or even for 4 or 8 cups. A super-automatic system can do everything from grinding the beans to frothing the milk. Semi-automatic machines give back some of the control without making the process overly complicated.

Contact Grills are used for the preparation of paninis, sandwiches, snacks, and various kinds of meat, fish or vegetables. This way of preparing your food is considered a healthy way of cooking because there is usually very little oil or fat needs to be added. Standard Contact Grills have a closed position where the plates on both sides enclose the contents. Some models can be fully opened in order to be used as a table grill.

If you are looking for small appliance for in the kitchen, for instance blenders, contact, grills, deep fryers, mixers and many more you can find it here.